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Graffiti Management, Removal,
Prevention, Cleaning & Protection


The BTech range of graffiti products provides the answer to almost any graffiti problem. The range includes products to block out graffiti when quick cover is critical, clear barriers to prevent surface damage in the event of a graffiti attack and graffiti removers to suit all types of surfaces. Even graffiti on difficult surfaces such as brick and concrete will respond to BTech's graffiti removal products.

Our graffiti range is biodegradable - surfaces protected with BTech graffiti products can be washed off with water.


We are the anti-graffiti specialists.


Graffiti BlockOut
Graffiti Clear
Graffiti Removers
Clear Sealers
  • Armour-Tech

• Strip Off

• Gunk & Glue


Highly effective and ecologically sound, our sealants, coatings and cleaning agents are the ideal graffiti solution.

The management of graffiti is one of prevention as well removal. Protection from graffiti is the best long term solution, but the need also for effective blocking and removal products makes BTech the ideal graffiti solution providers.

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