Product Warranty

In the interests of achieving a better product through research and improvements in manufacturing processes, Barricade Technologies Pty Ltd reserves the right to change specifications without notice.

Since Barricade Technologies Pty Ltd has no control over the product application, buyers and users must make their own assessment of our products under the conditions to meet their own requirements. NO RESPONSIBILITY IS ACCEPTED, EXCEPT FOR THOSE NON-EXCLUDABLE CONDITIONS OF ANY TERRITORY, STATE OR FEDERAL LAW. BARRICADE TECHNOLOGIES PTY LTD liability is limited at its discretion to the replacement of goods or to the supply of equivalent goods or to the refund of the original purchase cost from Barricade Technologies Pty Ltd or their agents.

Barricade Technologies Pty Ltd will offer NO WARRANTY if any of its products is used in a "mixed" system with other coating manufacturer’s products.

Barricade Technologies Pty Ltd can only warrant the quality of its own range of products or those products specifically manufactured for its customers or agents when used in accordance with the recommended coating systems as stated on its labels or technical data information.

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