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BTech LV-21 Sealer

Prepares porous surfaces for BTech Graffiti BlockOut

BTech LV21 Clear Sealer seals over porous surfaces such as brick, sandstone and timber making them ready for the application of BTech Graffiti BlockOut.

BTech LV21 Clear Sealer is environmentally friendly, water based and requires no mixing. It is odourless, colourless and non-yellowing.



To prepare porous surfaces ready for application of BTech Graffiti BlockOut.


Use On

Brick, sandstone, concrete and timber.




Provides a permanent seal




Water based and ready-mixed


Resistant to grease, oils, salts, detergents and water


Same day coat. Re-coats in 30 minutes


Clean up with water



Brush or pump spray ONE COAT onto to area to be sealed allowing a minimum time of 3o minutes to dry. See directions for full drying details.


Available Packs

20 litre; 10 litre


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