Excellent adhesion









LV-20 Sealer contains a programmed time release broad-spectrum biocide curtailing the growth of pathogenic organisms, bacteria & fungi.

Note above, the zone of inhibition (shown by the dark ring indicating no growth of microorganisms).


BTech Sealants

Effective sealing of all kinds of surfaces

Designed to stabilise grout, combat surface erosion, prevent water ingress and prevent concrete spalling. the sealing range comprises water based single pack and two pack sealers for masonry, concrete and tiles.


For sand stabilization and grout retention

BTech LV-20 Sealer is a clear, water-based, environmentally friendly product. It penetrates the substrate forming a permanent, permeable chemically linked bond ideal for trafficable areas. ie. paths, driveways, courtyards & public plazas.

The molecular structure of the sealer allows moisture vapour to permeate to the surface, taking with it dissolved salts and thereby controlling efflorescence.

LV-20 Sealer is resistant to ultra-violet radiation, is colourless, odorless, non-yellowing and non-flammable. A single pack waterbased penetrating clear sealer that can be applied by brush roller or spray.

A slip resistant coating

BTech SRC-1031 is a wet-surface, slip resistant coating for commercial, industrial and public pedestrian areas and is a waterbased clear, three component epoxy system.

It meets the Australian / New Zealand standard AS/NZS 4586:1999 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials. It has a long lasting profile providing high coefficient of friction. Ideal for interior or exterior uses, it is designed to adhere to smooth pedestrian walkways and tiled areas.

SRC-1031 is highly resistant to mechanical loads, is environmentally friendly and can be cleaned with water.

Dispercible epoxy sealant to protect concrete

The Armour-Seal twin pack water dispersible epoxy sealant is designed to prevent the penetration of water and air borne surface pollutants into concrete structures which results in 'concrete cancer' caused by corroded steel.

There are many uses for Armour-Seal:

Concrete surfaces where erosion to the concrete can occur due to salt and severe weather.

Concrete in areas of close proximity to salt laden air and high levels of water and wind blasting.

Porous concrete to effectively seal against moisture penetration - protecting the steel reinforcing bars and fabric mesh.

When mixed, this aqueous epoxide twin pack sealant penetrates into the substrata of concrete and creates an impermeable barrier so that moisture and air borne carbon dioxide will not reach steel.

Suitable for use in harsh marine and industrial environments where heavy pollution, acid rain and salt spray contribute to the eventual breakdown of steel fabric in concrete.

Removes deep ingrained dirt and grime, smooths surfaces

Prior to any application or coating procedure, it is vital to ensure that the existing surfaces are in a sufficiently clean state to ensure proper adhesion to the substrate.

BTech GR-90 has been formulated to remove deep ingrained dirt and grime and etch the surface of smooth tiles prior to the application of slip resistant coatings. It will deep clean the surface without leaving any incompatible surfactants or cleaning agents that can affect the final adhesion requirements.

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