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BTech GM-270 Super Graffiti Remover

When Nothing Else Will Remove Deep Seated Graffiti

Removal of deep seated graffiti such as Aerosol paint, Texta ink and crayon from raw bricks, stone, paving tiles, masonry and concrete is usually a challenge. BTech GM-270 Super Graffiti Remover is especially designed to remove hard, deep seated graffiti.



This purpose-designed graffiti remover is the one to use wehen nothing else will remove deep seated graffiti such as Aerosol paint, Texta ink and crayon from raw bricks, stone, paving tiles, masonry and concrete.


Use On

Most surfaces including raw bricks, stone, paving tiles, masonry, concrete and timber.

Check our Graffiti Remover Application Guide to see which BTech product suites your application.




Removes Aerosol paint, Texta Ink and crayon


Effective on the most stubborn graffiti marks


Does not contain acid or caustic materials


Washes off with water


Colour Range

A wide colour range is available including most colours used on commercial and municipal buildings and structures (greens, browns, greys, white etc.).



Apply directly on to graffiti using the convenient 1 litre squeeze bottle and a stiff Nylon brush, working the product into the surface. Important: Keep the surface continually wet, especially on very absorbent walls where the porosity of the masonry sucks the remover into the surface.

When the treated area looks dry, apply more product. On old or deep seated graffiti, it is important to keep the area continually saturated with the remover.

Try to avoid hot sunny conditions when carrying out the removal process, as this will have a drying effect on the remover.

The age of graffiti will determine the time taken to soften the paint. This may take several minutes, gradually start to loosen the graffiti with a stiff Nylon brush and maintain the wetness by applying the remover while slowly scrubbing.

The graffiti is now ready for removal, and this can best be achieved with a pressure hot water gun using approximately 1500 - 2000 PSI. For best results keep the working distance of the water gun about 50 - 80cm from the surface. Do not work in too close to the surface with extreme high pressure, as mechanical damage to the surface may result.

If a HP water gun is not available, use a bucket with water and scrub while washing the surface.

Repeat the application process if there are still traces of gfraffiti remaining.



Warning: GM 270 Super Remover is a professional strength Graffiti Remover and must be used strictly in accordance with the directions and safety requirements as specified in our Safety Data Sheet and Technical data information.


Available Packs

20 litres


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