An Overview of BTech Graffiti Products


Provides instant graffiti coverage in a wide range of colours. Ordered in commercial quantities, colour can be custom matched to specified colours. Pressure delivered hot water will remove all coats including the graffiti layers.


This heavy duty cell stripper removes stubborn old grafitti when nothing else will. A stiff natural brush is used after application and grafitti washes off with water.


A clear, sacrificial coating applied to vulnerable surfaces so that graffiti can be successfully removed at any time using medium pressure hot water washing.


This purpose-designed graffiti remover is the one to use when nothing else will remove deep seated graffiti such as Aerosol paint, Texta ink and crayon from raw bricks, stone, paving tiles, masonry and concrete.


An effective removal agent for use on sensitive areas and on surfaces coated with BTech Graffiti Barrier, enabling most graffiti to be washed off with water.


Ideal sealer for driveways and paths, allows bricks to breath and makes surface cleaning easier.


A powerful 2 phase formula that permanently protects surfaces from grafitti, BTech Armour-Tech makes removal easy by not allowing pens, ink or paint to stick to the applied area.


BTech Graffiti Barrier is the ideal sealer for driveways and paths, allowing bricks to breath and surface cleaning easier.


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