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BTech GM-260 Graffiti Remover

Safe Remover for Sensitive Surfaces

BTech Graffiti Remover is a purpose-designed product for the removal of graffiti from sensitive areas such as painted signs and reflector signs.




To remove graffiti from sensitive surfaces and from signs coated with BTech Graffiti Barrier.


Use On

Painted signs, reflector signs, plastic and polycarbonate.

Check our Graffiti Remover Application Guide to see which BTech product suites your application.




Gentle but effective on sensitive surfaces


Removes crayon, felt tip pen, aerosol paint, acrylics & enamels


Does not contain acid or caustic material


Washes off with water


The ideal remover for surfaces coated with BTech Graffiti Barrier Clear



Apply directly to the graffiti and allow several minutes to dissolve*; then gently scrub the area with a stiff natural bristle brush.

Wash off with clean fresh water. Should the surface require further treatment, wipe dry with a cloth and reapply. Do not apply to a wet surface.

* Signs using vinyl inks can be adversely affected unless BTech Graffiti Remover is wiped off promptly before the solution softens the ink.

For painted surfaces:
Apply to a small test area to check for softening of the painted surface. If the paint softens quickly, work carefully in small areas and wash off as soon as the graffiti has dissolved, before the underlying paint has a chance to soften. Freshly painted signs must be completely dry before graffiti is removed.

If graffiti has been applied to a freshly painted sign, the inks may have saturated the base paint, making successful removal difficult.

To treat unpainted raw concrete walls, brickwork, timber, pathways, etc., where fast removal of graffiti is required, then use BTech Graffiti Heavy Duty Remover.


Graffiti Removal

To remove graffiti from a surface protected by BTech Graffiti Barrier, use a hot water pressure system. Recoat areas, which have been stripped as soon as possible to provide continuing protection.


Available Packs

20 litre; 500ml Trigger



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