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BTech GB-350/C Graffiti Clear Barrier

A Shield Against Attack

BTech Graffiti Barrier protects by putting a protective barrier between painted or unpainted surfaces and graffiti. In the event of an attack, just remove graffiti with with hot pressure water.





To protect surfaces from graffiti attack by providing a barrier between graffiti and the underlying surface to enable easy removal without damage to the substrate.


Use On

Painted or unpainted surfaces including concrete, stone, timber and brick. Highly porous surfaces such as rough stone, Hebel bricks, sandstone, limestone, rough concrete, cement and timber require sealing (see under Application below).




Protects almost any surface


Can be applied to painted surfaces without harm


Dries to a clear, barely noticeable film


Easy to apply with a brush, roller or spray


Graffiti just washes off with medium pressure hot water


No removal chemicals required.


Can be tinted to match most colours.



Clean and/or wash surface to remove any contaminates.

Seal highly porous surfaces with BTech Sealer for easy removal of graffiti from pits and voids (see BTech Sealer) and to ensure optimum coverage when applying the BTech Graffiti Barrier.

Apply with brush, roller or airless spray (can be applied to a damp surface but freshly painted surfaces must be completely dry before applying BTech Graffiti Barrier).

Note: Product appears milky in container but dries to a clear film. When applied with a roller, slightly dimpled surface may result with a low sheen. This will diminish with aging but not affect performance.

BTech Graffiti Barrier should be applied so as to provide a minimum dry film thickness of 60-100 microns.


Graffiti Removal

To remove graffiti from a surface protected by BTech Graffiti Barrier, use a hot water pressure system. Recoat areas, which have been stripped as soon as possible to provide continuing protection.


Available Packs

10 litre



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