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BTech GB-360 Graffiti Blockout

Fast, Effective Obliteration of Graffiti

Fast, immediate cover up of graffiti, rather than removal, is sometimes the preferred course of action - particularly if the graffiti material is offensive. BTech Graffiti Blockout can be tinted to match commercial and municipal buildings/structures.



Where graffiti needs to be blocked out quickly or where regular removal is not practical or too costly.


Use On

Painted or unpainted surfaces including concrete, timber, brick, steel and aluminum.

Check our Graffiti Remover Application Guide to see which BTech product suites your application.




Less expensive than many exterior high opacity paints


Obliterates graffiti in one easy application


Can be removed at any time with a hot water pressure wash


Always colour consistent. No ugly ‘patchwork’ effect.


Easy to apply with a brush, roller or spray


Discourages repeat offenders


No aggressive removal techniques to damage base paint


Provides excellent cover


Colour Range

A wide colour range is available including most colours used on commercial and municipal buildings and structures (greens, browns, greys, white etc.).



Ensure surface is dry and apply with brush, roller or spray. One coat is usually sufficient, but two coats may be required when using a light colour. To treat subsequent attacks, simply apply another coat/coats. After approximately 10 coats, it is advisable to remove all layers due to build up. Use medium pressure hot water until all layers and graffiti disappear.


Available Packs

10 litres; 300gm Aerosol


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