About BTech Coating Solutions

Barricade Technologies Pty Ltd researches and develops sealing and coating products with an emphasis on producing water-based products that will have the least possible negative impact on the environment.

Barricade's latest products, the BTech Graffiti Management Range, are the culmination of extensive research and development to find effective solutions to the range of problems presented by graffiti vandalism.

A prime focus of the company has been to produce products that can tackle the challenges presented by graffiti with water-based solutions so that the the products can be handled safely and not harm our waterways.

The Barricade team is lead by Colin Watson and Geoff Rose.


(Director, Product Development)


Over 35 years experience in the general management of paint and varnish industries. With a Chemical and Electrical coatings background in the research and product development of coating systems, encompassing marine, industrial, timber preservation, and masonry sealants.


(Director, Technical)


Has formal degrees in Science, Engineering and Commerce together with 30 years of technical and general management within the chemicals and coatings industries.

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About Btech Coating Solutions
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